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We offer a 360-degree evaluation of a potential candidate for hire. We achieve this by utilizing our assessment system called SkillExam ( coupled with a video-based screening involving a complete 360-degree assessment by our expert interviewing team.

Here are the simple steps:

Step1: The client sends you the resume of the candidate and the job description for which the candidate is being considered.

Step2: Our team takes over and performs the full 360-degree screening including setting up meeting invite and tech check through our screening system at . We can also utilize any other screening system like Hacker Rank and others as per client's preference.

Step3: We send complete video recording, tech check report and summary of our evaluation to the client.


$100 per screening (60 mins) - with full comprehensive report

$60 per screening (30 min) - with only tech assessment


Goal :

The main intention behind this project is to let the employers / recruiters get customized online assessment tests for the skills of their choice to assess their candidates.

Features :

SkillExam is a personalized skill assessment service. We offer effortless Skill Evaluation Service by creating an online assessment test with greatest level of granularity. Our services saves time of our clients spent on assessment over the phone. We do not mean to replace a in-person interview, but certainly help in eliminating surprises with unknown candidates. We hope this will be a great value added service to your organization.